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Parcelforce, Delivery Options

Parcelforce Joint Statement Regarding The Introduction Of Delivery Options Branches and representatives will be aware of the activity that has been ongoing since the conclusion of the Parcelforce IT Capability Development Agreement in 2011 and the evolution of IT capability to meet the ever increasing demands that are being made on the business.

The introduction of new Delivery Options is the next step in this process and following discussions with the business the attached Joint Statement has been agreed.

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Parcelforce, CHRISTMAS & Autumn Pressure 2014

Agreement Between CWU And Parcelforce Worldwide On The 2014 Autumn Pressure And Christmas Remuneration Proposals For All CWU Grade Depot Employees. Attached for the information is a copy of the abovementioned agreement, which has been ratified by the Postal Executive.

The agreement for 2014 mirrors those reached in previous years, with payments enhanced in line with the percentages awarded in pay increases since last year. However the one exception is the achievement of the Annual Conference 2014 policy reproduced below which now ensures equality for Parcelforce night workers.

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Please be aware that negotiations have been taking place with the business in respect of the Christmas Arrangements for 2014. Attached for your information is a copy of the agreement that has been concluded and cleared by the Postal Executive.

As in previous years we have acknowledged the USO and the consequential service requirements to meet it. It is anticipated that there will again be a significant number of packets in the system which will require special attention and adequate arrangements to be in place to cope with this increased demand.

The negotiations have included representation from the CWU in regard to Motions carried at Annual Conference 2014 in respect of the possibility of Saturday 27th December being classed as a non service day and the words contained in Para 3.5 in relation to on bank holidays.

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Joint Statement Between Royal Mail and CWU Covering the Agreed Deployment of a New Process Mail Preparation of DSA & Mailsort Bagged Mech Letters in Mail Centres with Integrated Mail Processor Technology

Please be aware that the CWU indoor department has been, under the Banner of the Processing ‘Programme of Works’ and the commitment to a more collaborative working model that respects the mutual interests of both Royal Mail and the CWU detailed in the Agenda For Growth, Stability & Long Term Success Agreement, working towards closing the knowledge gap in Mail Centre operations.  Equally we have been pursuing a standardised policy approach to addressing the operating/equipment anarchy that had ensued as a result of un-agreed/un-coordinated kit and equipment across the mail centre estate.    

The department circulated a comprehensive report/update to Divisional and Area Processing Representatives in April.  This update informed our key field activists how the department’s strategy was developing as well as acknowledging the support and assistance we were receiving from the field which aided the development of a coherent vision going forward.

It is against this backdrop that CWU can report that the trial of the New Process Mail Preparation of DSA & Mailsort Bagged Mech Letters for IMP equipment in Mail Centres has been completed and, following evaluation, has been cleared for National deployment by the PEC.  The driver for this activity was to increase the utilisation of the kit together with more efficient working and the fact that the trial has worked has resulted in a negative impact in respect of staffing needs.  Colleagues will note that any rearrangement of the staffing needs will be subject to all current agreements including and most importantly, the IR Framework.

I have attached a signed copy of the Joint Statement for the information of Branches and Representatives and have also attached as Annex A a list of the Mail Centres that are currently equipped with IMP technology. 

The planned deployment of the new operating model will commence within the next two weeks at Bristol, Leeds, Romford and Sheffield Mail Centres, with deployment being completed at the remaining IMP equipped locations by the end of September 2014.

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New Process Mail Preparation DSA & Mailsort Bagged Mech



Parcelforce Worldwide Customer Service Selection Process

Committments in line with the Table of Success process has resulted in discussions taking place with Parcelforce Worldwide in regard to the resourcing of customer service positions in operational units.

Over the past few years CWU have worked jointly on a range of initiatives to ensure that we adapt and update our processes and procedures to ensure that we keep up with the pace of change in the highly competitive parcels industry, where the quality of the customer service we provide is a key differentiator and puts the customer at the centre of everything we do.  

It was agreed that it would be of benefit to all concerned if there was a generic customer service selection process agreement that could be used by all depots, hubs and processing centre sites.

The attached agreement ensures that the selection process will be open to everyone interested in performing work in customer service.  There will be a reserve list providing an equal opportunity to develop customer service and admin skills together with an appeals process, which will ensure a fair and transparent selection criteria for all.

The agreement was endorsed by the Postal Executive at its meeting on 5th August and is attached for your information.

Parcelforce Worldwide Customer Service Selection Process


Postbox Strategy Including Collections on Delivery – Joint Communications


Please find attached a Joint Communication that will provide more clarity around the Postbox Strategy and will enable engagement between the CWU and Royal Mail to now take place at all levels.

It is essential that CWU representatives in all functions including CWU H&S representatives take a joined up approach throughout the deployment of this strategy so that everyone is aware of what everyone else is doing at all times and we retain coordination from start to finish.

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